5 Electroculture Experts who boosted crop growth up to 200%

5 Electroculture Experts who boosted crop growth up to 200%

Cultivate Elevate on Apr 30th 2022

  • George Lakhovsky: 1931, is a researcher who used copper antennas for the healing of plants. Georges Lakhovsky did research where he demonstrated the comparison of a living cell with that of the electronic circuit of an antenna.

This led him to the development of electromagnetic systems that can heal plants. Lakhovsky coils are little antennas made of copper, oriented in certain way with North. These antennas can be used for individual plants or trees, to heal them from disease or to help them grow better.

  • Marcel Violet, 1962, used electrical discharges on beeswax capacitors to increase the vitality of water for plants. When he sprayed this water on the crops, he increased the yields by more then 30%.

At times he even doubled the crop yields. The amazing aspect of the electrical discharges through beeswax was the observation of very high frequencies that he determined to be very beneficial for life.

  • Justin Christofleau, 1930, is one of the first who implanted thousands of hectares in France and in his colonies with his electromagnetic fertilizer and antennas for agriculture.

He described his invention as the electromagnetic fertilizer and guaranteed a 20% to 100% increase in crop yields.

Government agencies and the big chemistry companies did not like his inventions because it went against their interests which were to promote chemical fertilizers. When he died, nobody really continued the development of his work and so it became forgotten.

  • Philip Callahan Ph.D., 1984 explained how paramagnetic rock powder is important for soil fertilization.

He also explained how some Celtic round towers which were built by monks work like antennas to receive natural ELF radio waves and increase the their power.

What this does is it fertilizes all of the surrounding fields. With simple experiments he proved the working principles of old. These principles were hidden and their know how is very useful for today’s agriculture. His book “The Magnetic Life of Agriculture, Ancient Mysteries, Modern Visions” is a masterpiece on this topic.

  • Gilbert Milne, Famous photographer from Toronto, 1976. He did research on plant growth in pyramids and also in pots with iron nails in it. The results were positive.

The plants grown in the pots with iron nails grew bigger than the ones without. The seeds in the pots with iron nails germinated sooner and grew faster, too.

He did this experiment with 12 different plant varieties with always the same positive results. He ran the electroculture pyramid company to distribute electroculture solutions for gardening and farming.

By Yannick van Doorne