Organic 6mix Mushroom Extract

MUSHROOM EXTRACT mushroom powder chaga reishi turkey tail lions mane tremella maitake shilajit cordyceps militaris cordyceps sinensis shiitake brain focus balance lions mane tremella reishi cordyceps chaga  ginkgo

The ultimate blend for maximum benefits. 6mix contains the 6 most powerful and beneficial mushrooms. Boost your brain power, focus, gut health, and vitamin D with 6mix blend.

15:1 Extract and 30% beta glucans.
6 superfood mushrooms blended together for maximum benefits.
Helps support digestion and strength
Supports steady energy thoughout the day
Balances immune system

Add 1/2 tsp of 6mix Mushroom to your coffee, tea, smoothie, or protein shake. 6mix can also be added to soups and dessert recipes.

Servings per bag: 50
Net weight: 100 grams

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What do the studies say about 6 Mix mushroom blend?*

  • Tremella mushroom extract efficiently enhances mouse fatigue endurance and anti-hypoxia capability partly through energy reserves and antioxidant enzyme activity. [1]
  • Tremella fuciformis against radiation-induced damage in mice [2]
  • Maitake mushroom and tumor support [3]
  • Maitake and potential immune system benefits [4]
  • Reishi mushroom and inflammation of the brain [5]
  • Reishi mushroom and the immune system cells [6]
  • Cordyceps militaris potential benefits [7]
  • Cordyceps militaris and fertility [8]
  • Meshima mushroom is a potential anti-inflammatory agent in asthma treatment [9]
  • Meshima mushroom and the benefits [10]
  • Lions mane mushroom and the benefits [11]

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease


  • 5

    Posted by William B on Nov 28th 2022

    This product does not reduce joint pain (wink). I will never, never buy this product again (wink, wink)!

  • 5
    6mix for life

    Posted by Rita on Oct 21st 2022

    Blends like a charm and love it!

  • 5
    Noticed Improvement

    Posted by AP on Sep 14th 2022

    I had been eyeing mushroom coffee for a while, but reading ingredients of other brands came down to less than desirable ingredients (mycelium). This brand is the real deal. I have noticed SIGNIFICANT improvements in my mood after drinking my daily cup of coffee which often times gave me worse anxiety. I pair the 6Mix with Pearl, which gives me a natural boost in magnesium and add a fat, along with the shilajit.

  • 5
    My favorite blend ever made

    Posted by Cheryl on Aug 24th 2022

    It's like a beautiful chocolate bliss in my coffee upon rising. I think better and feel better overall. Customer for life

  • 5
    6Mix Mushroom Blend

    Posted by Stephanie on Aug 16th 2022

    I am loving this blend! I enjoy that I can easily add it to my smoothies, without it affecting the taste of it. I can also add it to some cashew milk with some cinnamon and honey and it has total chai vibes. The price is also an incredible value, and shipping was very fast.


6mix is a powerful blend of 6 medicinal mushrooms. Some of the many benefits include cellular repair, dopamine balance, anxiety relief, gut health, and radiation defense.


6 superfood mushrooms blended together for maximum benefits.
Helps support digestion and strength
Supports steady energy thoughout the day
Balances immune system

6 mix mushroom powder extract

Whats in 6mix?

meshima mushroom

Supports immunity, cell health, and energy

reishi mushroom powder extract

Supports chronic fatigue syndrome, moods, and the CNS system

cordyceps militaris  powder extract

Supports oxygen absorption and balances energy levels

 lions mane mushroom powder extract

Supports the brain and nerve health

tremella mushroom  powder extract

Supports collagen production and improves brain pathway

maitake mushroom powder extract

Supports skin health and is high in Vitamin D


Add 1/2 tsp (2 grams) to your morning coffee, tea, or smoothie. 6mix can easily be added to cereal or oatmeal for breakfast.


Add 6mix to any recipe for a superfood boost.
Bone broth
Ice cream

How to use 6mix mushroom powder

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