about us.
We want you to look at our mushrooms as food, not as a supplement. Every dollar towards organic is a dollar towards a better future for humanity and our planet.


Prior to creating our company we suffered from many issues such as allergies, weight gain, anxiety, and much more. Unsure of what the reasons were, we decided to start with the basic human need: food. Within a few days, our diets were 100% organic. This worked well, but over time we still felt like something was missing.

We researched over hundreds of vitamins and herbal remedies to advance our health, but still felt the problems we faced weren’t completely fixed. That is when we discovered mushrooms and the power of these little tiny fungi. Mushrooms were extensively used in holistic medicine in the past centuries, and now it is time to once again use their healing properties. By providing up to a billion enzymes, mushrooms will be at the forefront of healing in the next coming decade. Alongside these powerful mushrooms, we learned that combining minerals such as shilajit, made even more of an impact on our overall wellness. Shilajit provides 82 out of the 102 minerals our body needs daily. 

Cultivate Elevate was born out of the need for returning balance to the body and earth. We are living in toxic environments that are unhealthy for us and the earth. In order to maintain quality, we work with USDA organic farms that grow in small batches. All of our mushrooms and minerals are lab tested for pesticides such as glyphosate, and heavy metals. Contamination is a widespread problem in the supplement industry. Supplements can contain large amounts of heavy metals, which can cause more harm than good. This is why we are adamant about vigorously testing our products.We support the ancient organic ways of producing. From nature to the consumer.
- Matt & Amra