To nurture the body is to nurture the soul. Adding superfoods to your daily routine should not be hard! Thats why we curated the earth's most powder antioxidant rich superfoods, and made them fit to your lifestyle. Our blend of mushrooms and shilajit is the perfect way to keep your mind, body and soul nourished.

Start your morning right with 6mix mushroom blend. This potent blend contains 6 mushrooms for maximum

Detox and cleanse the body to clear the mind. Get your detox trio to refresh your body.

Reishi is known for its zen abilities. Try this mushroom for your relaxing evening.

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match with the right superfoods for your body

I love Cultivate Elevate products!
They are foundational to my personal health and healing program, I recommend them to all of my patients. Increased energy and decreased fatigue are two of the biggest changes our patients feel. Cultivate Elevate mushrooms and mineral blends are our go-to powerhouse for helping inflammation.

Perry Nickelston, D.C.
Stop Chasing Pain


Fruiting body is the most nutritious part of a mushroom. This is why we only use 100% fruiting body in our powders.

We only source from small farmers using holistic practices. We believe the land should be cared and this is why we only work with sustainable farms.

Each batch is tested for heavy metals and pesticides. No synthetic fillers, colors, or flavors. Just pure and natural superfoods.


Organic Mushrooms - Shilajit - Holistic Herbs

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