At Cultivate Elevate we hold our products to the highest standard to Elevate your health.

Lab Tested for Heavy Metals and Pesticides

There are many different brands of products out on the market, but most products are not tested for heavy metals and pesticides. These products being sold can contain high amounts of toxic chemicals. 

Spirulina products can contain over 7+ PPM of Arsenic 
Rice Protein Powders can contain 4+ PPM of Cadmium
Certain Cacoa powders can over 5+ PPM of Lead
Our products contain less than 0.3 PPM of each heavy metal including lead, cadmium, and arsenic
Certified USDA Organic

Did you know the average supplement can contain up to 30+ pesticides? These pesticides can lead to our nutritional supplements providing a high dose of heavy metals. These heavy metals are linked to a plethora of issues including neurological issues, gut imbalances, and other forms of disease.
We make sure all of our products are USDA Organic in order to provide the highest quality of product, protect our health, and eliminate pesticide consumption.
No fillers or hidden ingredients

About 99% of all supplements and vitamins on the market contain fillers such as rice flour, maltodextrin, citric acid, etc. These cheap fillers usually derived from GMO’s can cause bloating, brain fog, and digestive issues.  Companies uses these fillers to cut down on costs and increase profits. 
We never add anything to our products, and never plan to do so.