Stamina Vitality Trio - 6mix, Lions Mane, Cordyceps Sinensis

MUSHROOM EXTRACT mushroom powder chaga reishi turkey tail lions mane tremella maitake shilajit cordyceps militaris cordyceps sinensis shiitake brain focus balance lions mane tremella reishi cordyceps chaga  ginkgo

Get the most out of your day with the Stamina and Vitality trio. Cordyceps Sinensis is used by athletes to reduce fatigue and improve energy. Lions mane supercharges the brain and improves focus. Revitalize your cells with 6mix and keep your energy, digestion, gut health, and concentration consistent all day long.

Lions mane mushroom supports brain health and overall brain power.
6mix helps support digestion and strength.
Cordyceps Sinensis balances adrenals, dopamine levels, and keeps your body energized throughout the day.

Extracted 15:1 potency and 100% Fruiting bodies

Mix and match with this trio! Customize your drinks by choosing 2 mushrooms and adding 1/2 tsp of each to your drink.

Example: Make an 8oz cup of coffee. While the coffee is still hot, add 1/2 tsp of lions mane, and 1/2 tsp of 6mix. Stir everything together, let cool, and enjoy.

Servings per bag:
Lions Mane Extract (50 servings) Net weight: 100 grams
6mix Blend (50 servings) Net weight: 100 grams
Cordyceps Sinensis Extract (50 Servings) Net weight: 100 grams

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What do the studies say about the stamina & vitality trio?

  • Lion's mane mushroom appears to promote neuronal prolongation and formation of myelin[21]
  • One human study using 3g of 98% lion's mane powder showed significantly improvements on a rating scale of dementia in persons suffering from general cognitive decline.[25]
  • Neuroregenerative potential of lion's mane mushroom [29]
  • Potential reduction of depression and anxiety by 4 weeks Hericium erinaceus intake [31]
  • Nerve growth factor-inducing activity of Hericium erinaceus [32]
  • Cordyceps and Endurance benefits on mice [15]
  • Antiaging effect of Cordyceps sinensis extract [16]
  • Cordyceps sinensis promotes exercise endurance capacity of rats by activating skeletal muscle metabolic regulators [17]
  • Cordyceps sinensis Cs-5 enhances sexual functions in normal and impotent models [18]
  • Meshima mushroom is a potential anti-inflammatory agent in asthma treatment [9]
  • Meshima mushroom and the benefits [10]
  • Tremella mushroom extract efficiently enhances mouse fatigue endurance and anti-hypoxia capability partly through energy reserves and antioxidant enzyme activity. [1]
  • Tremella fuciformis against radiation-induced damage in mice [2]
  • Maitake mushroom and tumor support [3]
  • Maitake and potential immune system benefits [4]
  • Reishi mushroom and inflammation of the brain [5]
  • Reishi mushroom and the immune system cells [6]

"These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease."


  • 5
    Mushrooms mix

    Posted by Jon Ochoa on Mar 19th 2024

    This stuff is really amazing. I have diabetes and this actually will stabilize my glucose levels and prevents spikes even after eating. Amazing products!!!

  • 5
    Trio powders

    Posted by Janet on Nov 17th 2023

    I add them to my morning coffee and I feel more awake and energized throughout the day!

  • 5
    Great memory

    Posted by Indiana-George on Sep 19th 2023

    It's tough to determine what life was like before taking these, but I have noticed my memory is top notch. I feel great these days and I'm actually finding more energy and motivation to excersize!

  • 5
    Stamina & Vitality Trio

    Posted by Sara on Nov 16th 2022

    I recently started this Trio and the results were amazing. I sleep better and energy is amazing throughout the day I don't need second cup of coffee. Then I started giving it to my kids (11 & 13) My son just told me today that his FGPT was great and he made it to that 5th place on their score board and he told me it must be the mushies (that's what he calls it)

  • 5
    Stamina & Vitality Trio

    Posted by Peggy Stillings on May 10th 2021

    Thank you Cultivate Elevate for such a good product. You get always get my order out quickly. Thanks. Peggy.

What is the Stamina + Vitality Trio?

6mix Mushroom Blend

6mix contains the 6 most powerful and beneficial mushrooms. Boost your brain power, focus, gut health, and vitamin D with 6mix blend.

Lions Mane mushroom

Studies show that Lions Mane stimulates new brain cell and nerve growth. Its a natural superfood to support your immune system. Lions mane is great for the brain, nerve health, and heart. Studies show that is may support alleviation from depression and anxiety.

Cordyceps Sinensis mushroom

Cordyceps sinensis inhibits tracheal contractions and allows for increased airflow to the lungs. It helps support the adrenals, energy, and stamina.

Why chose us?

Our mushrooms are extracted at 15:1 potency.
Our mushrooms are 100% fruiting body.
Our mushrooms are 30% Beta Glucans.

how to use stamina and vitality trio - cordyceps 6 mix and lions mane mushroom powder extract

How to use the Stamina + Vitality Trio?

Mix and match with this trio! Customize your drinks by choosing 2 mushrooms and adding 1/2 tsp of each to your drink.

Get Creative

Combination: Make an 8oz cup of coffee. While the coffee is still hot, add 1/2 tsp of lions mane, and 1/2 tsp of 6mix. Stir everything together, let cool, and enjoy.