5 Ways to elevate your health: Addressing the root cause

5 Ways to elevate your health: Addressing the root cause

Cultivate Elevate on Nov 13th 2023



Today we cover the root causes of illness. Lack of nutrients, lack of spending time in nature, lack of structured water, having wi-fi in the home, electrical illness, and toxic frequencies.

0:30 New moon Cycle and Moon missing in February 2024

1:55 Gmos revealed documentary

2:15 What is a GMO?

4:01 *Glyphosate

6:58 *All organic diet

8:12 Dementia from the toxins

10:15 Spend your money with a local farmer

11:45 Cooking from scratch and eating a restaurant

13:13 *Pasteurization

14:28 *Apeel

15:23 *Seedless Foods and watermelons

16:30 *Monsanto Seeds patenting nature

17:55 *B-17 In apricot seeds and the prostate

20:17 *The invisible rainbow

21:55 Marconi the creator the Radio

22:40 Ringing of the ears and the Big C

24:45 *Diseases and Illness

26:01 *Diabetes Type 1

28:00 Balancing the blood sugar and the FLU

28:58 *Bees, Dolphins, and whales and Wi-fi

30:15 People’s revolution

31:00 Electroculture counters RF and flipping the terrain

32:08 Table of contents of the invisible rainbow

32:48 Acute electrical imbalance and the heart is not a pump

34:15 *We can hear electricity

35:35 2020

37:00 Internet of things Li-Fi

38:01 Earth phone

38:37 *Hardwiring your internet

39:52 *Tumors in the place of the phone

40:52 *The Pokes

42:02 *Water

43:45 Water Solutions 650feet and below

45:00 Water continued

45:24 Current system and diabetes

47:20 *Eye glasses and nourishing the eye

49:55 LEDS

50:09 *Pearl powder and castor oil

52:20 LED and flicker rate

53:30 *Root causes for healing

54:55 Body, Mind, and Spirit as one

56:14 Cysts and lack of iodine

59:20 Pearls and Shellfish allergies