Bluetruth Documentary, Black Friday, Blue Lotus, and B17

Bluetruth Documentary, Black Friday, Blue Lotus, and B17

Cultivate Elevate on Nov 20th 2023

Today we will talk about B17, Black Friday Sale, Neural link, Google censorship, Bluetruth Documentary, Healing with mushrooms, Mercury under Arizona, Blue Lotus, and more.

Mitch the orgone donor:

Bluetruth documentary:

0:44 Arrested for selling apricot seeds.

1:40 Seedless agenda

4:30 Black Friday sale

6:25 Dragons blood capsules vs powder

8:44 Pearl for eyesight

10:35 *Head Pressure

12:00 Change of Magnetism 12 noon and 6pm

15:00 Pearl powder and silky skin

16:55 *Studying the eyes

19:20 Address the root cause

20:30 *Neural link and the trans humanism movement

22:15 *Google censorship

23:15 *Apricot seeds to heal illness

25:50 *3rd leading cause of death

27:55 Healing ourselves naturally

30:00 Ask questions

31:15 Healing with mushrooms

32:00 *Nature’s tonics

34:35 *Blue Lotus, Damiana, and Mugwort

36:30 *Mercury under Arizona

38:00 My thoughts on hair

40:47 Cordyceps and the future of Cultivateelevate

42:45 Frequencies changing on the earth

45:00 Smart city Phoenix and Electric vehicles

48:00 Hybrid fruits and vegetables theory

49:40 *Mitch the Orgone Donor

50:55 Thyroid healing

54:17 What Is this realm?

56:37 Divide and conquer frequency