Electroculture Gardening Techniques for Beginners - Elevate your garden

Electroculture Gardening Techniques for Beginners - Elevate your garden

Cultivate Elevate on Jun 7th 2022

1. Beeswax cylindrical magnetic antenna. Connected to a galvanized wire lay or buried in the ground facing north south.

2. Basalt cement cones . Make a mixture of basalt cement or basalt lime. Buried near or under trees, plants, or buried all around the plot and in the middle.

3. Cosmotelluric magnetic capacitors. Buried all around the field according to a precise protocol according to the energy of the place. Replaced by the technique of paramagnetic cones.

4. Atmospheric electromagnetic fertilizer (lightning rod type) or terrestrial Christofleau type. Like the cylindrical magnetic antenna, posed north south connected to a wire.

5. Atmospheric antenna type lightning rod with or without type spirals according to Luigi Ighina

6. Paramagnetic round towers , inspired by Irish round towers, in paramagnetic rock : transmitter-receiver of natural low-frequency radio waves. Natural radio frequencies such as schumann waves generated by thunderstorm activity on earth.

7. Solar fertilizer , small solar panel for electrical stimulation of the soil. For cultivation in pots, not recommended for cultivation in the ground because of possible geobiological electrical pollution of the environment due to artificial electricity.

8. Schumann wave generator. Acts as a harmonizer of schumann waves and electromagnetic pollution which reduces its harmful effects on life. Schumann wave harmonizer generator . Fertilizes and improves the energy of greenhouses, houses, fields, up to several ha per generator.

9. The Van Doorne electro-energizer : Used to inform the treatment water, energize the water, healing aid care and the well-being of plants, animals and humans. Device inspired by the work of Georges Lakhovsky, Marcel Violet, Bignan, Lavinay, Dr Pappa's, Benveniste. This device also allows electromagnetic transfer of information from a product or fertilizer, on the field or on the spray water. (device With the Van Doorne electrodynamic device fitted with the accessory of two sandwich copper plates to take the electromagnetic imprint of any product)

10. Marcel Violet type water energizer: to energize the water from a watering can or sprayer for the treatment of plants and drinking water.

11. Magnetic rain stick pipe for natural dynamization of water , by the natural beneficial effects of paramagnetic basalt and fired ceramics in a bath of beneficial microorganisms information, to be installed on the water inlet: irrigation or spray water, by a pointed passive system. Energization of water. Avoids scaling. Avoids soil aspyxia. Improves the availability and absorption of fertilizers. Increases rooting and growth.

12. Agnihotra : Simple and effective Ayurvedic ritual techniques that probably also inspired Rudolf Steiner's biodynamic techniques. Useful for harmonizing fields and farms, increasing the vitality and fertility of soils and crops. Very effective.

13. Copper pyramids to energize seeds, for the garden, to build a pyramid greenhouse. Pyramids in kits. Very effective.

14. Magnets of different sizes for electroculture: to magnetize water, make antennas, etc ...

15. Magnets for bee hives : Strengthens hives, increases honey production and significantly reduces varroa problems and diseases.

16. Bands and copper wire to protect bees: greatly reduces the problems of varroa, parasites and bacterial diseases of hives.

17. Gardening and agricultural tools in bronze (copper alloy) which allows less disturbance of vital energies compared to iron tools.

18. Atmospheric antenna , lightning rod type for fertilizing: Atmospheric antennas of Paulin, Geomagnetiferous or electro - vegetometer type.

19. Lee Crock electroculture device . Electrostatic energetic field.

20. Scalar wave generator made up of magnets to heal and accelerate plant growth

21. Snail shells . Natural cosmic and telluric antenna to place plants at the feet and strengthen their energy.

22. Energizing oscillating circuits, Lakhovsky circuits : Antennas in Lakhovsky ring circuits for plants and trees and flower beds.

23. Sonic transmitter. Applications of sound frequencies , music and plants: application of selected baroque classical music favorable for harmony, growth and development of plants. Very effective. Application of specific frequencies close to the songs of birds very favorable to the growth and the health of the plants.

24. Chimes in 432 hz. Wind chimes tuned to musical notes harmonized with nature, in 432 hz, for the garden, greenhouse, house.

25. Spiral antennas inspired by Luigi Ighina

26. Flash of light water energizer , inspired by the discoveries of Rodolphe Lavinay.

27. Prayer. It has been proven by a great deal of scientific research and testimonies how important prayer can be. Improving one's prayers can be learned. For more efficiency it is not enough to simply pray, but to choose these prayers well, to clearly define your objective and adopt the correct attitude and behavior.

28. Fibonacci spiral . A copper fibonacci spiral oscillating antenna, according to the proportions of the golden ratio, works well in flower beds or integrated in atmospheric antennas

I can provide you with the equipment, do or help with the installation or get information through training and conferences on all these techniques :

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