GMOS and the dangers

GMOS and the dangers

Cultivate Elevate on Jun 22nd 2022

GMOS were supposed to "save the planet" from hunger back in the beginning of their marketing campaigns.... What we really found overtime is that GMO foods yield less over time, are sprayed with over 4 billion pounds of pesticides, invade local farmer's fields, alter the eco system, and are genetically engineered to contain toxins which are toxics to humans & animals leading to tumors, cysts, and health issues.

At first these GMO crops would fly in the wind and end up growing in a nearby farm: A lot of farmers would be liable for big $$ lawsuits and a lot of farmers lost their farms from these lawsuits.....

Also, whenever a study comes forward showing the dangers of these GMO foods the scientist is attacked, threatened, or silenced etc. Countering any opposition and continuing to push the narrative that all of this perfectly safe... yet the corporations with the patents are providing the safety facts on their GMO product. Seems a bit odd eh?

After attempting to patent plants these corporations are trying to patent insects, humans, and animals. It is important to know where your $$ is going. If we vote with our money by buying organic & supporting local small farms…this would heavily impact these mega corporations. Their profits would plummet and they would go out of business! But if we continue to say it's not that dangerous, it's no big deal, turn a blind eye, etc then it won't be pretty.

Education on this topic is crucial:

Check out the series

It is 22 hours and goes into depth on the TRUE dangers of genetic engineering and what you were never told.