New rumble video: CBD, Structured water, Vitamins, Supplements, and the grand awakening

New rumble video: CBD, Structured water, Vitamins, Supplements, and the grand awakening

Cultivate Elevate on Nov 14th 2022

Social Medea and the Nonsense

4:10 How the censorship is a blessing

4:40 How Borax competes against the arthritis industry

6:15 Why borax was banned

Connecting the dots on information

Paying people to say thinks are fake?

Repetitive mind engraining tactics

8:37 Christopher Columbus Timeline

Educational system and homeschooling

Compliance and and Creation

10:33 How fast a change can occur to an industry

How fast the world is waking up to the nonsense

13:00 1976 Car than ran on water - Stanley Meyer

True potential and dimming of our Spirit

14:55 Deadening the life force of water

Structuring water and why we need to protect water

How being healthy is dangerous information :)

Incandescent bulbs and where to find them?

17:44Electroculture and antenna’s we are working on

How the platforms are unfollowing people…

Areas to move to in Arizona

21:28 Chaga and 6mix in capsules?

All about our products, new rollouts, and what we are working on

24:30 Black seed oil?

Dragon’s blood versus Black Seed Oil

The hype of some trends: My opinion

27:15 Pearl powder and heavy metals?

Why we are about the highest quality

28:50 Supplements and fillers

29:14 Citric Acid and “Detoxing Products”

30:03 Vitamin D supplements and Soy Lecithin

Why we should be eating food based supplements

Easy alternative to Vitamin C powders

Know the source - Ask Questions

34:33 Rubber hoses, water, and Gardening

Water and the impacts from frequencies

Hydrogen - Dehydration

Naturally healing with structured water

CBD industry and the hijacked industry

40:00 Monsanto and cannabis

43:00 What do you think about Zeolite?

46:30 What is your opinion on raw milk?