New Youtube Interview: Electroculture, Primary water, and Food Shortages

New Youtube Interview: Electroculture, Primary water, and Food Shortages

Cultivate Elevate on Oct 18th 2022

The interview this week with Matt Roeske is jam-packed with valuable information and solutions for many of our current water, gardening and farming problems. He says, "Electroculture is the ancient practice of increasing yields utilizing certain materials to harvest the earth's atmospheric energy. This was presented in 1749 by Abbe Nollett, in the 1920s by Justin Christofleau, and 1940s by Viktor Schauberger. This energy is always present and all around us also known as Chi, Prana, Life force, and Aether.

When using electroculture, there is no need for the use of pesticides, manure, or fertilizers. This is primarily why this information ha been suppressed. All you need is the sun, the clouds, the rain, the nitrogen in the air, and the ability to harness atmospheric energy. with atmospheric antennas that can be created from materials such as wood, copper, zinc, and brass. When adding these atmospheric antennas to your garden, soil, or farm they will amplify your yields, combat frost and excessive heat, reduce irrigation, reduce pests, and increase the magnetism of your soil leading to more nutrients in the long run." Electroculture offers simple solutions to solving the shortages we are all facing. He then goes on to discuss primary water, droughts, man made lakes and altered history. This is one not to miss!

Love and Light, Carol

Timeline of video:

2:00 What is Electroculture?
Viktor Schauberger and copper tools
Iron tools contributing to the dust bowl (Iron Shovel versus Copper Shovel)
Copper and Free energy
Levitation and Vortexes
Copper gardening tools and Food Shortages
Chemical Farming
11:00 Who is Justin Christofleau?
How to use electroculture in your garden
Old world history
How electroculture attracts LIFE
17:50 Pyramid Energy and the Dunce Hat
Electroculture Revolution
Magnetism (Hawaii and Alaska)
Bird sounds and Plant growth
Biodynamic and Rudolph Steiner
31:00 Primary water and the history
New water for a thirsty world
Wal-Mart buying up water wells
52:00 Shilajit and it's healing potential
1913 Flexner Report