Raw unpasteurized milk vs pasteurized milk

Raw unpasteurized milk vs pasteurized milk

Cultivate Elevate on Aug 1st 2022

Benefits of Raw Milk: High in nutrients, high in glutathione for detoxing, helps improve allergies, great for balancing the gut flora, and a perfect superfood.

Raw milk benefits

But in about the 1900s something changed.. Cities began to pop up and cows were subjected to overcrowded and unsanitary conditions. Thus resulting in poisonous milk. This raw milk was deemed unsafe and Louis pastuer jumped on this opportunity to create the first form of pasteurized milk. This milk would be pasteurized and yield LESS nutrients in order to extend the shelf life of this tainted milk. It was considered a modern revolution. But in reality caused more issues than the original raw milk. Such as the studies which show that pasteurized milk leads to more cavities, imbalanced gut flora, acne, and inflammation....

The problem that occurred was that this newly pasteurized milk led to allergic reactions and became indigestible. Not only that, but the milk was stripped of the vital nutrients and digestive enzymes it once possessed. As commercial milk boomed the government did a number on those still attempting to sell raw milk. Certain states banned this nutritional superfood and deemed it illegal to sell to the public. They even went so far as to raid farms doing it the old fashioned organic way.

But during the last 100 years they continued to sell the poisonous pasteurized milk to the public.

Foods that are pasteurized - cheese, milk, butter, nut milks, alternative milk products, and juice products.

Good news: As of 2017 - 43 states now offer the ability to obtain raw milk. You can find raw milk near you on www.realmilk.com

Heal your body the old fashioned way with some real raw milk!