​These are 6 people who revolutionized the ways we can heal our body and the planet

Cultivate Elevate on May 3rd 2022

nikola tesla

  • Nikola Tesla created :The Tesla Purple Energy Shield and just about every piece of technology we have today. He also wanted everyone in the world to have free energy and invented a car that could run off the earth's energy (No gas needed)
  • Wilhelm Reich The founder of orgone energy, free energy, and the orgone blanket. He is the most censored man in the world and created the orgone box which was used to heal just about every "dis-ease" you can think of.
  • Royal Raymond Rife created the first microscope that could see LIVING things, not dead things like we have today. His microscope also utilized a special quartz lens in which he could use to determine the frequency of cells. If the cell was "sick" he could identify which frequency was needed to re-establish balance.
  • Viktor Schauberger discovered the healing potential of soil using BRASS. When we use brass tools we do not disturb the magnetism of the soil. But when we use iron we actually diminish it = in turn leading to less food over time.
  • Georges Lakhovsky the creator of the multi wave oscillator and the lakhovsky coil. Georges learned you could use copper to heal plants and frequencies to heal states of "dis-ease"
  • Dinshah Ghadiali created Spectro-Chrome therapy, a method of healing using attuned color waves. It is a centuries-old concept used successfully to alleviate various diseases, but was a threat to our current system

These 6 healers were put on the planet to move us forward. Learn about their work, try their techniques, and educate yourself on the truth about healing.