Water Myths, Water Energy, and the Hidden History on Water

Water Myths, Water Energy, and the Hidden History on Water

Cultivate Elevate on Feb 23rd 2023

In this episode, we welcome back Matt Roeske, founder of CultivateElevate, as he reveals the hidden secrets of water and how it can help us create a better world that empowers the people. Get ready to awaken to the mysteries and wonders of water, as Matt shares his deep insights and knowledge that will leave you amazed and inspired. Discover the transformative power of water and how it can help us heal our bodies, minds, and the planet. Join us on this thrilling journey of self-discovery and explore the infinite possibilities of a world that is truly empowered by the magic of water. Don't miss out on this extraordinary episode!

Topics covered:

- The properties of water and how they can be harnessed to improve our health and well-being. 

- The impact of water on the environment and how we can use this knowledge to become better stewards of the planet. 

- The role of consciousness in creating positive change in the world, and how water can be used as a tool for spiritual and personal growth.

1:00 The Water Myth 3:00 Two books Debunking the water situation 4:00 How primary water water was found 5:00 The story of Lake Elsinore, California 8:10 Stock Market and the Water prices 10:10 Ocean under the Ocean 12:20 Water And Life Force Energy 15: 50 viktor schauberger and how salmon levitate 20:00 Ways to Restructure water 25:00 Different Alternatives to cooking 29:00 Ways to Filter the water 32:32 Copper watering cans 36:30 How to see structured water 40:00 Drilling for Primary Water 41:30 *Book Healing Properties

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