Why we should avoid citric acid

Why we should avoid citric acid

Cultivate Elevate on May 5th 2022

citric acid dangers

Citric acid at one time was derived from fruits such as lemons and limes. But around the 1970s citric acid became derived from GMO mold & GMO corn syrup. This mold can be very toxic to the body. Side effects include: Sore throats, bloating, tonsil swelling, and erosion of the teeth.

Citric acid is found in a growing number of products:

-Drinks: soda, juices, and wines
-Snacks and candies
-Diet and nutritional products
-Household cleaners, detergents
-Frozen foods
-Sauces and seasonings
-Dairy products and ice creams
-Pet food
-Canned food
-Breakfast food items

There have been a few lawsuits against companies who claim to be natural but use citric acids, such as a lawsuit against Jamba Juice in California in 2012. Another lawsuit was filed against Arizona beverages, but the judge would not hear it.

If commercial citric acid does not come from citrus fruits, what are its strange-sounding ingredients?

Aspergillus niger mold is not the deadliest Aspergillus fumigatus, but it is its cousin. Aspergillus niger grows on dead matter and decay, and when inhaled, its toxins weakens the immune system and can cause sickness and even death. It often causes allergic reactions, which might partly explain the allergy to citric acid.