Organic Reishi Turkey Tail Mushroom Capsules

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Calm your central nervous system with Reishi + Turkey Tail mushroom capsules. This amazing blend creates the ultimate calming mood for the evenings. Reishi and Turkey tail are antioxidant rich, and essential adaptogens for wellness.

15:1 Extract and 30% Beta glucans
Enhance the immune system and reduce stress
Improve sleep, and lessen fatigue
Maintain and support gut health

Take 2 capsules in the evening. Can be taken with or without a meal.
Capsules per bag: 120 capsules
Each capsule is 500mg
Servings per bag: 60
Net weight: 60 grams

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What do the studies say about Reishi or Turkey Tail mushroom?*

  • Reishi mushroom and dopamine support [1]
  • Reishi mushroom and immune support [2]
  • Reishi mushroom and cancer support [7]
  • Reishi mushroom and brain injuries [13]
  • Reishi mushroom and renal support [14]
  • Reishi mushroom and the central nervous system [11]
  • Turkey tail mushroom and immune support [3]
  • Turkey tail mushroom and digestion support [4]
  • Turkey tail mushroom and cancer support [8]
  • Turkey tail mushoom human trial for cancer patients [9]

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease


  • 5
    I love the product.

    Posted by Douglas S Chambers on Oct 6th 2023

    I love all the products.

  • 5
    Mushroom x 2

    Posted by Susan Elmendorf on Oct 2nd 2023

    Great product. Take before bed - aids in sleeping.

  • 5
    Turkey Tail

    Posted by Kathryn Winkler on Jul 30th 2023

    My second order because turkey tail in the evening works like a dream. I fall asleep and wake refreshed!

  • 5
    Mr. Sandman Mushrooms

    Posted by Derek on Jul 24th 2023

    These Reishi & Turkey Tail mushroom capsules make me feel wonderfully relaxed and sleepy just before bedtime.. exactly what I was hoping for. All of Cultivate Elevates products do exactly as promoted. The shipping is also extremely fast. What a lovely company

  • 5
    Reishi Turkey Tail POWDER

    Posted by Fred on Jul 20th 2023

    Oh Reishi and Turkey Tail Powder, I wish I had spoken up sooner and louder. I used to have you as a tea, after dinner, just for me. But now you are only encapsulated, and so I see I should not have waited, to sing your praises for the world to hear, oh please come back, I loved you dear. :(

What is Reishi mushroom?

Also known as: Reishi, Ganoderma lucidum, Lingzhi, and "Mushroom of Immortality".

Reishi is a medicinal mushroom that has been used for hundreds of years for vitality and overall wellness.

What is Turkey tail mushroom?

Turkey tail is a fungi with an impressive range of benefits used by holistic healers and Native American shamans. It contains a variety of powerful antioxidants and other compounds that may help boost your immune system and support cellular health.

Benefits of Reishi and Turkey tail

Enhance the immune system and reduce stress
Great for yoga or meditation
Improve sleep, may reduce anxiety, and lessen insomnia
Maintain and support gut health
Supports balanced dopamine levels

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