Shilajit Tablets - Cold Pressed Extract Tablets

Shilajit is known for its high mineral count. In ancient times, they called it the "destroyer of weakness". This ancient superfood energizes, detoxes, and balances the body by replenishing minerals.

Cold pressed and Extracted
Shilajit has 84 of 102 minerals needed for the body.
Helps support digestion and strength
Supports steady energy thoughout the day
Balances immune system

Take 1-2 tablets of Shilajit once daily. Take twice daily for athletes. Shilajit is best taken alongside a source of of fat such as coconut oil, milk, or ghee.

Servings per box: 60-120 servings
Each box contains 120 tablets of Shilajit Resin (cold-pressed extract tablets)

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What do the studies say?*

  • Shilajit amplifies the benefits of other herbs by enhancing their bioavailability in the body.[]
  • Shilajit, fulvic acid, composition, and the benefits [38]
  • Shilajit and the benefits related to testosterone and DHEA [41]
  • Shilajit's potential role in management of iron deficiency anemia [33]
  • Shilajit helps assist energy production, potentially reduce the recovery period of injured muscles, bones, and nervous system,[,,
  • Shilajit also has the ability to overcome physical as well as mental stress[,,]
  • Fulvic acid help boost the absorption of iron into the body, making it bioavailable to bone marrow stem cells for blood formation[,]
  • Apart from its potential blood-purifying property, Shilajit also can possibly enhance the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. [,] It helps support blood circulation and its diffusion into tissues, and maintains the necessary oxygen levels in the body during hypoxia.[
  • Shilajit may play a potential role in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases[
  • Shilajit is also used as a tonic in the ayurvedic system of medicine due to the presence of humic acid, fulvic acid, coumarins, and triterpenes.[,]


  • 5
    Energy Gallore

    Posted by Claudia Day on May 19th 2024

    I was skeptical at 1st, but I heard so much about it I wanted to try to see if it boosted my health. After a few weeks I was feeling better and not so fatigued, clear headed and even my BP looked better. Mind you I take Magnes, D3K and Copper. This boosted additionally all of them and actually made me feel healthier. This works.

  • 5
    Must have daily

    Posted by Women in need on May 17th 2024

    this is exactly what I’ve been looking for a little tablet that I can put in my mouth and swallow what a blessing. It is to find this on Facebook and be able to take it. Have it twice a day because I am so depleted in minerals and I’ve had a hard time getting enough in my body, please take a look at this company for I would be lost without them. Thank you for supplying us this.

  • 5
    Shilajit tablets

    Posted by La'i on May 8th 2024

    I have finally found something that cured my chronic cervical, thoracic, and lumbar pain! I tried acupuncture, massage and chiropractic treatments and they only were temporary fixes. But since taking shilajit for 2 months now, I am pain FREE, this is life changing! Thank you Matt & Amra you don't know how grateful I am for this product!

  • 5
    Big fan

    Posted by Chris B on May 6th 2024

    Loving this product - exceptional quality, easy to consume tablet, and easy to reorder. Highly recommend!

  • 5
    Shilajit tablets

    Posted by Kate on May 4th 2024

    We’ve been taking shilajit for years and switched to this product for the shear ease of having it in tablet form. Amazing product, thanks Matt & Amara!



Shilajit contains more than 84 minerals including copper, silver, zinc, and iron in their ionic forms.

These minerals such as (humic acid, fulvic acid, coumarins, and triterpenes) support many functions including brain metabolism, learning, memory and mood.

Shilajit has 84 of 102 minerals needed for the body
Shilajit helps reduce brain inflammation
Shilajit helps adapt the body and brain to stress
Shilajit may support improved cognitive function
Shilajit may support anemia


Shilajit is an important superfood that helps digestion and absorption of food in the gastrointestinal tract and is rich in antioxidants.

Being an excellent source of nutrients, it used as a tonic and helps in the absorption of food.
Shilajit may decrease nausea, vomiting, and digestive disorders
Shilajit can increase superoxide dismutase(SOD) and glutathione
Shilajit can also act as a gastric tonic


Shialjit is filled with diverse amino acids and over 65 organic compounds.

The main compound being Fulvic acid acts as a carrier molecule in the human body, and helps in the transportation of nutrients into the deep tissues, thus removes deep-seated toxins from the body.

Fulvic acid helps:
Overcome tiredness, lethargy, and chronic fatigue.
Stimulate blood formation and energy production
Fulvic acid helps absorption of iron, making it bioavailable to bone marrow stem cells for blood formation
Improve the elimination of toxins from the body