Electroculture Farming podcast with Matt Roeske and Alec Zeck

Electroculture Farming podcast with Matt Roeske and Alec Zeck

Cultivate Elevate on Jan 6th 2023

2:00 What is Electroculture? 

10:40 How did you get into Electroculture? 

19:11 Why Electroculture never went mainstream 

25:10 Books going missing 

32:00 Patterns of the same thing 

33:33 the best way to get started with Electroculture 

45:00 Energetic aspect of Intention and gardening 

45:44 Rubber shoes and Rubber Hoses 

48:20 Copper Pyramids and the benefits? 

50:40 Hoses that are not plastic or natural? 

53:00 Ways to structure your water and your food 

58:30 The eyes and the water of the body 

60:30 Sacred buildings and healing frequency? 

68:00 Cultivate Elevate, dragon's blood and how it all began and Much more to come

Alec sits down with the jack of all trades, Matt Roeske, from CultivateElevate.com to discuss Electroculture Farming!

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