France halts iphone 12 sales?

France halts iphone 12 sales?

Cultivate Elevate on Sep 16th 2023

Matt Roeske @cultivateelevate and Rinat Strahlhofer @wearenotsam talk about the latest news headline “France halts iPhone 12 sales over radiation fears” - we explore what the media won’t tell you about cell phone safety testing and the regulatory body corruption but ultimately we lean on our own responsibility to question what are we “absorbing” beyond the radiation.

1:20 Software update for reducing radiation?

4:30 Sam Testing for phones

8:34 *Non-Ionizing Radiation

11:00 Changing settings in the phone

14:30 Loss of smell, loss of taste, and radio wave sickness

16:00 Concerts and cell phones

18:00 Ruling on cell phone companies

20:00 Software update

26:45 Creation versus Destruction

29:29 *Black and white mode settings

32:00 Wireless and non secure systems?

35:30 How we get distracted

37:47 LCD display versus LED display

39:45 Ability to connect with our hands

42:45 LEDS and Dopamine

44:45 Corruption and Regulations

47:00 100,000,000 making a decision

50:15 *Smart Watch and 10,000 steps

52:15 AI and Replacing Teaching?

55:00 Smart toilet and the climate narrative

58:38 Hawaii fires Russia’s fault?!

1:02:30 False and misleading information?