Health is wealth with electroculture with Sowing Prosperity

Health is wealth with electroculture with Sowing Prosperity

Cultivate Elevate on May 24th 2024

In this conversation, Logan and Matt discuss various topics related to agriculture, nutrition, and supplements. They explore the concept of electro-culture and its potential benefits for agriculture. They also delve into the importance of natural energy in biological function and the role of light, melanin, and energy production. The conversation touches on nutrient degradation in modern food, the impact of glyphosate on food quality, and the role of minerals in disease. They also discuss the use of supplements like Shilajit, pearl powder, and Dragon's Blood. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the need for supplements in a toxic world and future plans. 

Takeaways: Electro-culture is a fascinating concept that has the potential to revolutionize agriculture. Natural energy plays a crucial role in biological function and can be harnessed through light and melanin. 

Modern food has experienced significant nutrient degradation, leading to a decline in food quality. 

Glyphosate, a commonly used herbicide, has a detrimental impact on food quality. 

Mineral deficiency is a fundamental contributor to disease. Supplements like Shilajit, pearl powder, and Dragon's Blood can provide vital nutrients and antioxidants. 

In a toxic world, supplements may be necessary to meet nutritional needs. The spleen and melanin have important roles in the body and should not be overlooked. Deuterium overload and the production of radical oxygen species can impact energy production. 

Sourcing food locally from biodynamic farms is an ideal but challenging goal. 

Future Timeline: 2:00 Introduction of Cultivateelevate 4:05 Aether Removal off the periodic table 5:35 Lightning rod 6:28 Powerlines 8:00 Electroculture 9:45 Why is electroculture important? 11:45 Light as medicine 19:27 Nutrient Degradation in Modern Food 22:32 The Impact of Glyphosate on Food Quality 24:51 The Role of Minerals in Disease 28:12 Using Shilajit to Obtain Vital Nutrients 29:54 Shilajit vs Humic acid 33:36 Benefits of pearl powder 35:57 The Composition and Effects of Pearl Powder 37:04 Using Supplements with Children 38:23 Spleen Pathway 39:29 Supplemental Oral Melanin 40:24 The Role of Deuterium and Energy Production 44:00 The Antioxidant Properties of Dragon's Blood 47:29 The Need for Supplements in a Toxic World 49:43 Future Plans and Resources