Matt & Catherine: Solutions Not Fear @CultivateElevate

Matt & Catherine: Solutions Not Fear @CultivateElevate

Cultivate Elevate on Feb 14th 2024

Matt is a walking example of how to transform your life in every way - how educating yourself releases fear and improves every aspect of your life. We are so lucky to have people like Matt and his team at Cultivate Elevate - providing the best quality superfoods, knowledge, and resources. I hope you enjoyed this interview as much as I did. We cover so much + Code Catherine

2:00 Introducing Matt

3:00 About Matt

7:00 What is in our food chain? GMO?

11:30 Why are there no revolutions?

13:30 Youtube Censorship

17:54 Family Lineage

20:23 Connection to Nature

23:00 Water

27:00 The 5 steps

32:00 How have things changed?

39:00 Electroculture

45:00 Dowsing

48:42 Top 4 Supplements