New Youtube Video: Ask questions, Structured Water, Electroculture & Nutrient Dense Superfoods | DTH Podcast

New Youtube Video: Ask questions, Structured Water, Electroculture & Nutrient Dense Superfoods | DTH Podcast

Cultivate Elevate on Dec 16th 2022

Today on DTH we’ll be covering solutions for many of our current water, gardening and farming issues. We’ll be discussing the MSM narrative of a water shortage in the US as well as how water quality affects our bodies and what structured water is. Along with tips on best choices of water sources.

Then we’ll be getting into Emf frequencies and a few nutrient dense superfoods and ancient holistic remedies and their healing potential.

My guest joining me is Matt Roeske, founder of Cultivate Elevate. Their mission is to bring back information that has been suppressed, that has caused our society to become sicker and weaker, through educating and empowering individuals to rise above the state of fear and realize that there are always solutions.

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We’ll be Learning: 

1. What primary water vs secondary water is

2. Why the quality and type of water we consume so important and how is tap water and most water we buy at the store impacting our health?

3. What structured water is

4. Recommend water sources

5. What the current state of our soil is and how is it in turn affecting our health

6. What elecrtoculture is and how it helps improve the health of our soil

7. How can we create an electromagnetic fertilizer antenna

8. Macro factors that are contaminating our soil and actions we can take to help heal our terrain 9. How frequencies affect our health and symptoms to be aware of

10. Tips to help mitigate frequency radiation and take back our power so to speak?

11. Why it’s important to consume superfood supplements, why not just eat a healthy whole food diet

12. What shilajit is, the scene behind it and the benefits

13. Pearl Power and Dragons Blood - what they are and how they can benefit our overall health and wellness

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