Superfoods, Abundance, and Truth 2023

Superfoods, Abundance, and Truth 2023

Cultivate Elevate on Sep 18th 2023

Today’s IG Live we talk about abundance, censorship, and how we can heal if we address the root cause.This live was originally deleted, but I’m glad I could get it back! Truth shall prevail in 2023.

6 ingredients to avoid when purchasing supplements:

1:00 Recent fact checked video on Instagram

3:29 6mix capsules and 6mix lions mane mushroom capsules

4:30 *Citric Acid

7:47 *Hek293 Artificial flavors

9:00 Things contributing to mood disorders or mood swings

10:45 Detox products with citric acid

11:55 *Billions spent on flavoring

12:48 Sunflower Lecithin and fast food companies

14:00 *Fast food and memory loss

16:36 magnesium stearate

17:15 *Professional Pills

20:00 destructured water vs primary water

22:18 *Lions mane mushroom Brain mushroom

24:45 *Loss of smell remedy shilajit and 6mix

25:15 Meshima Mushroom in 6mix

27:03 *Shilajit and Graphene detox

29:00 Dragons blood powder for the gums and skin

31:00 *Pearl powder and eye healing

32:10 *Pearl and structured water

34:00 200 gram pearl powder cultivateelevate

34:38 *Pearl tooth replacement

35:30 Pearl powder and sleeping issues

36:20 Pearl and Glutathione

37:00 Synthetic Magnesium

37:23 *Pearl powder for the hair

40:00 Turkey Tail Reishi mushroom benefits

43:32 Cordyceps Mushroom benefits

45:20 *Shilajit and Japanese knotwood Lyme Wood

47:17 Ringing of the ears or tinuttis

51:10 Heart and Lack of Sea salt

53:30 Tremella Mushroom benefits

54:45 Tremella and hyaluronic acid

56:20 Reading the labels

56:50 Guar Gum and Tapioca starch

57:28 Maltodextrin Gmo Corn

59:00 Do you lab test your superfoods?

1:03:19 Enemas