Mushrooms provide the body with the nutrients we are missing from our diet. They have been proven to boost immunity, improve energy levels, and restore vitality.  Adding a small amount of mushrooms to your daily routine can do wonders for your well being.

Mushrooms are safe for ages 4 and up. If you have any allergies to mushrooms please consult your physician prior to adding mushrooms to your daily regimen.

Our mushrooms are in powder form. They contain no additives such as maltodextrin, mycelium, rice starch, cellulose, or artificial flavors. They are as natural as nature intended.

All of our batches are tested for heavy metals and pesticides. We test for pesticides to make sure that the highest quality mushroom powder is provided. Our small farms are located in the Guishan Mountains far away from any industrial pollution. We want the best for our bodies and would never provide you with something less.

Mushroom powders can be consumed in many ways. They can be blended into your morning smoothie, added to a steaming cup of coffee, brewed into a tea, or baked into your favorite recipe. Mushrooms should be consumed daily for the best results.

Even though our products are very safe and very pure, we always recommend talking to your primary care physician before starting any supplement routine.


Shilajit is a superfood & mineral that provides 82 of 102 minerals we need for the body. It was known in ancient times as the “Conquer of Weakness”. Adding shilajit into your daily routine can help support healthy organs, boost cognition, and detoxify the blood.

Shilajit is safe for ages 4 and up. Please always consult your physician.

Shilajit can be added to coffee or tea. Since there are fat soluble vitamins in shilajit it is best to be taken with a form of fat such as coconut oil, ghee, raw milk, or raw butter. For the best results take shilajit daily.

Our shilajit comes in a liquid form. Each bottle contains 20g of cold pressed and extracted shilajit.

Our shilajit is sourced in a very remote location in the ALTAI Region of Russia. We source from a 3,000 feet altitude. It is tested for heavy metals and pesticides. We know our farmers and pride ourselves on our quality.

We always recommend talking to your primary care physician before starting any supplement routine.

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