Shilajit Tablets - Cold Pressed Extract Tablets

Shilajit is known for its high mineral count. In ancient times, they called it the "destroyer of weakness". This ancient superfood energizes, detoxes, and balances the body by replenishing minerals.

Cold pressed and Extracted
Shilajit has 84 of 102 minerals needed for the body.
Helps support digestion and strength
Supports steady energy thoughout the day
Balances immune system

Take 1-2 tablets of Shilajit once daily. Take twice daily for athletes. Shilajit is best taken alongside a source of of fat such as coconut oil, milk, or ghee.

Servings per box: 60-120 servings
Each box contains 120 tablets of Shilajit Resin (cold-pressed extract tablets)

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What do the studies say?*

  • Shilajit amplifies the benefits of other herbs by enhancing their bioavailability in the body.[]
  • Shilajit, fulvic acid, composition, and the benefits [38]
  • Shilajit and the benefits related to testosterone and DHEA [41]
  • Shilajit's potential role in management of iron deficiency anemia [33]
  • Shilajit helps assist energy production, potentially reduce the recovery period of injured muscles, bones, and nervous system,[,,
  • Shilajit also has the ability to overcome physical as well as mental stress[,,]
  • Fulvic acid help boost the absorption of iron into the body, making it bioavailable to bone marrow stem cells for blood formation[,]
  • Apart from its potential blood-purifying property, Shilajit also can possibly enhance the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. [,] It helps support blood circulation and its diffusion into tissues, and maintains the necessary oxygen levels in the body during hypoxia.[
  • Shilajit may play a potential role in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases[
  • Shilajit is also used as a tonic in the ayurvedic system of medicine due to the presence of humic acid, fulvic acid, coumarins, and triterpenes.[,]


  • 5
    Shilajit tablets

    Posted by Debbie Gatlin on Oct 15th 2023

    I am in my third box of these .. I added cultured pearls, and dragon's blood. I have tried everything to get to a better Health, and these products have helped me tremendously. My cholesterol has gone down over 10 points, and my doctor was so pleased. Thank you for these great products. Just help me with inflammation in joints after 14 hip surgeries, broken femur two places, and broken left ankle. I could be your walking testimony. Thank you

  • 5

    Posted by Samuel Ramos on Oct 7th 2023

    I’ve used many different shilajits in my lifetime and cultivate is the only one that actually works. Thank you

  • 5

    Posted by Jana Lorbetski on Sep 27th 2023

    KNowing i am putting something in my body that is doing something good works well for me. Thank you for your time and dedication for quality products.

  • 5
    Natural energy boost

    Posted by Sonya H on Sep 20th 2023

    I recently started taking Shilajit Tablets, and I'm extremely pleased with the results. This supplement has noticeably increased my energy levels and improved my overall vitality. The quality and purity of these tablets are impressive. Shilajit Tablets have become a valuable addition to my daily routine, and I highly recommend them to anyone seeking a natural energy boost and improved well-being.

  • 5
    Subtle medicine

    Posted by Indiana-George on Sep 19th 2023

    The difference is subtle, but I notice a change in my energy levels for the better. So glad these aren't filled with fillers and other junk that just passes through the digestive system!



Shilajit contains more than 84 minerals including copper, silver, zinc, and iron in their ionic forms.

These minerals such as (humic acid, fulvic acid, coumarins, and triterpenes) support many functions including brain metabolism, learning, memory and mood.

Shilajit has 84 of 102 minerals needed for the body
Shilajit helps reduce brain inflammation
Shilajit helps adapt the body and brain to stress
Shilajit may support improved cognitive function
Shilajit may support anemia


Shilajit is an important superfood that helps digestion and absorption of food in the gastrointestinal tract and is rich in antioxidants.

Being an excellent source of nutrients, it used as a tonic and helps in the absorption of food.
Shilajit may decrease nausea, vomiting, and digestive disorders
Shilajit can increase superoxide dismutase(SOD) and glutathione
Shilajit can also act as a gastric tonic


Shialjit is filled with diverse amino acids and over 65 organic compounds.

The main compound being Fulvic acid acts as a carrier molecule in the human body, and helps in the transportation of nutrients into the deep tissues, thus removes deep-seated toxins from the body.

Fulvic acid helps:
Overcome tiredness, lethargy, and chronic fatigue.
Stimulate blood formation and energy production
Fulvic acid helps absorption of iron, making it bioavailable to bone marrow stem cells for blood formation
Improve the elimination of toxins from the body

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