​ The Benefits of Mushrooms for Health & Longevity Podcast

​ The Benefits of Mushrooms for Health & Longevity Podcast

Cultivate Elevate on Dec 20th 2021

By James Breese / / November 30, 2021 / 2 minutes of reading / 

Today we are speaking with Matt Roeske, founder of Cultivate Elevate. The company’s mushroom and mineral products incorporate superfoods and ancient ways to bring holistic healing into your body. Their products are backed by numerous studies, minimally processed, non-GMO, and free of preservatives, flavorings, and additives that often create havoc in the body.


Discussion points:

  • Inactive ingredients that block absorption in vitamin supplements
  • Processed “vegan” food — what are the actual ingredients and where did they come from?
  • Blood type, DNA, genetics and diet issues
  • The incredible results of taking some of the Cultivate Elevate mushroom supplements
  • How Matt discovered the benefits of different herbs and mushrooms
  • How soon can you feel the benefits of shilajit or the different mushrooms?
  • Which mushrooms are in the six-mix blend from Cultivate Elevate and how do they help?
  • The benefits of chaga mushrooms and their micronutrients/trace minerals
  • After the basics of WWS (walk, water and sleep)– adding back micronutrients and minerals
  • New offering from Cultivate Elevate– cold-pressed shilajit–more purity with minimal processing
  • Benefits of shilajit
  • Why you should know where your food comes from
  • The specific benefits of each real food mushroom product from Cultivate Elevate
  • Scented products, perfumes and colognes cause side-effects, allergies, and destroy sinuses
  • Getting back to simplicity and real food to heal our bodie


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