Health is wealth with Jessica and Matt

Health is wealth with Jessica and Matt

Cultivate Elevate on Nov 11th 2023

This week Matt from Cultivate Elevate and I take a deep dive into why it is important to know what we are learning and where the information is coming from. When we do not question things it keeps us repeating and living in the fear mindset. Much of the information that is put out in mainstream media is perpetuating this lack and fear mindset when in reality there is abundance that exists for everyone. You get to decide if you want to continue to believe the societal programming that is creating a society of fearful, sick, and disconnected people. The more we connect with nature, and our natural ways, the more we heal. Positivity helps uplift the collective. We are self regenerating beings and we are what we eat and drink. Nature heals us for free so more time in nature is key.

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Timeline of video:

1:30 Nonsense of 2020

4:10 How the system is broken

5:00 Birth control

6:15 *Flexner Report

8:15 3rd leading cause of death?

9:45 How your terrain impacts your health Fat Sick and nearly half dead

13:13 Blood type and eating

15:30 Fasting versus non fasting

19:10 Your location and your health

21:00 Gyms have changed

24:35 Overriding ego

27:30 Balanced Approach to everything

28:55 Music changing the mind

31:00 How the gym became boring

32:30 Synthetic fragrances impacting the health

33:00 Where to start on learning?

34:00 *The last organic study

35:05 Dehydration and Coughing

37:00 Dragons blood and pearl powder

38:30 UV spectrum missing

39:45 No more SPF

40:56 *Sunscreen and Toxins

42:42 Melanoma and toxic overload

45:16 *Electrical imbalance and the Lancaster study

49:14 Chickenpox parties

51:30 Barefoot grounding and Homeschooling

55:30 Black and white mode

59:00 Knowledge and books

1:04:00 Abundance and the myths of land

1:06:01 Fear frequency

Documentary: GMOs Revealed

Case Study: Malignant melanoma of the skin - not a sunshine story


Health and Light: The extraordinary Study that Shows How light Affects Your Health and emotional well being

The Truth About Contagion: Exploring Theories of How Disease Spreads

The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life

Water: For Health, for Healing, for Life: You're Not Sick, You're Thirsty

Infinite Mind: Science of the Human Vibrations of Consciousness