Matt Roeske on Natural Healing & Electro Culture Antenna Gardening

Matt Roeske on Natural Healing & Electro Culture Antenna Gardening

Cultivate Elevate on Apr 2nd 2023

Matt Roeske is the founder of Cultivate Elevate, a holistic health company that is all about natural super food products. He is on a mission to bring real change and real solutions to help people heal once and for all and to educate and empower individuals so they can raise above the state of fear.

In this episode, Matt talks to Philly about his health journey and how the professionals could not heal him, and when he questioned the reason for this, he was amazed to find out that the professionals only get 5 hours training in nutrition. This changed everything!

Matt explains that by turning to an organic diet and questioning the ingredients on food items and then understanding that it his terrain that influences his cellular health and not the germs around him, he finally healed himself. He explains how everything is energy and has a frequency including food, our clothes even light and can heal the body but can also be toxic and gives examples of how this works. He talks about the amazing health benefits of crystals, copper and color therapy and the real reason why royalty wear crowns on their heads, it is all connected!

Matt introduces Philly to electro culture antenna gardening which is a simple but powerful concept to help everyone become more self-sufficient, as it super boosts your garden and helps you yield more crops whether you have land or an apartment balcony.

Book referenced in the show: The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenburg

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