New Youtube Video: Fear, History, Knowledge And Reality

New Youtube Video: Fear, History, Knowledge And Reality

Cultivate Elevate on Dec 19th 2022

IG Live Dec19th

Welcome welcome

2:00 Water: Primary water (Eric Moutsos IG Live)

The fear of running out of water

3:00 The Book - New water for a thirsty world


4:00 Hauled water homes

6:45 The public education system takeover

7:23 The Dowsing Story of Lake Elsinore, California

How things are Inverted

10:45 Magnets and the Poles

11:33 Jeff Bezos Synchron Brain Chip

Educational System Revamp

13:26 Tik Tok Ban - See Both Sides

Weather Altering

15:40 Wilhelm Reich’s Work

Magnets and Compasses

Fires, Tesla, and Inventions

Old world History

22:19 Mind Unveiled Photoshop and Technology

Breaking the Bubble of Acceptance of something New

26:55 *Fear The frequency

Robotics and Technology

Parasitic Families

Focused on Moving Forward

34:30 *The Medea Frequency

Weather Altering Act

41:48 Weather Red Pill - Frankenskies

Pyramids, History, and More

Why they didn’t like Wilhelm Reich

The brain and Creation

53:33 *Buzzing ears - and Radiation poisoning solutions