Prana, the Electric Universe, and the End of Lack

Prana, the Electric Universe, and the End of Lack

Cultivate Elevate on Jan 7th 2024

Join Matt and Jesse as they discuss the electric universe, energy healing, permaculture, superfoods, herbalism and the ways in which these tools can empower us to heal the earth, human health, and conscious commerce.

Matt Roeske founded Cultivate Elevate to bring back information that has been suppressed and caused our society to become sicker and weaker. Our mission is to educate and empower individuals to rise above the state of fear because there are always solutions

Jesse Boudreau is a permaculture designer, a natural philosopher, and an herbalist who founded Zia Energetics LLC to regenerate ecological, human, and economic integrity.

You can find out more about Cultivate Elevate at: and Zia Energetics:


2:00 Abundance, Energy, Water, Food

5:44 Beehives and Electroculture

7:32*Nathan b stubblefield

12:20 Connecting back to Earth Energy geomancy

15:03 Which method works best for electroculture?

19:31 2012 Inversions

22:30 Courage and Our heart

25:20 Revolution of knowledge

28:15 Two paths Dolores Cannon

32:10 Curves and Vortices

37:49 Creation and Lack?

40:30 Light bulb and breaking down

45:01 Open source information and community

51:36 Shilajit, Dragons blood, and Pearl powder

56:30 Illness determined by my own choices