Q and A on health -  Superfoods, Menopause, and Anxiety relief

Q and A on health - Superfoods, Menopause, and Anxiety relief

Cultivate Elevate on Dec 11th 2023

Unlocking Health Secrets: Superfoods, Menopause Solutions, and Anxiety Relief


Join us as we delve into the world of superfoods, menopause solutions, and anxiety relief, exploring unconventional yet effective methods for improving health and well-being.

The Power of Superfoods

Discover the remarkable benefits of superfoods like Pearl and Dragon Blood, which offer essential nutrients to repair pathways in the body, promote healing, and address issues like menopause and detox. These superfoods can help with hormone regulation and detoxification, making them especially beneficial after menopause. Real-world examples showcase how certain foods can nourish and support overall health, including hair, eyes, nails, and organs.

Challenges in Shipping Superfoods

Insightful discussion on the challenges of shipping superfoods to certain European countries. Learn about the difficulties posed by certain European countries and the proactive measures being taken to expand the reach of these beneficial products.

Mercury Removal and Holistic Dentistry

Gain valuable insights into the risks associated with improper mercury removal by holistic dentists and recommendations for further information. Understand the potential dangers and the importance of proper mercury removal, along with a suggestion to watch the documentary 'Root Cause' for a comprehensive understanding of root canal-related health risks.

Holistic Approach to Body and Mind

Insights into how superfoods like Dragon's Blood, Pearl, and Shilajit can nourish and support the body, along with unconventional yet effective practices such as coconut oil pulling and using pearl powder for tooth decay. Discover the benefits of electric culture for indoor plants and its role in amplifying plant energy and growth.

Revelations and Truths Through YouTube

Uncover the burgeoning trend of using YouTube to showcase old world buildings and explore historical truths. Delve into the discovery of the beauty and advanced nature of ancient structures, highlighting the disconnect from the past and the increasing significance of truth discovery.

The Importance of Fasting and Grounding

Insightful discussion on the significance of fasting for the body's regeneration and healing process, along with the importance of using grounding sticks for connecting with the Earth. Engaging examples illustrate the benefits of fasting and grounding, emphasizing their role in promoting overall well-being.

Understanding Skin and Indicators of Health

In-depth exploration of the connections between skin color, genetic influences, and indicators of health issues. Discover how the eyes can provide valuable insights into overall health, reflecting signs of stress, inflammation, or oxygen deficiency.

The Art of DIY Clean Living

Dive into the world of DIY clean living, from creating soaps and shampoos to avoid harmful chemicals to understanding the potential harm of copper IUDs. Uncover the importance of making conscious choices for health, including avoiding commercial products with harmful substances and understanding the risks associated with certain medical interventions.

Informative Q&A Session

A comprehensive and informative Q&A session covering a diverse range of health topics, providing valuable insights into various aspects of holistic wellness. Look forward to the next enlightening Q&A session scheduled for the upcoming moonday.


Embrace the unconventional yet effective methods for enhancing your health and well-being, from harnessing the power of superfoods to understanding the importance of fasting and grounding. Stay tuned for more insightful discussions and practical tips for unlocking the secrets to a healthier lifestyle.