Electroculture, Copper Revolution, and Old World History Interview

Electroculture, Copper Revolution, and Old World History Interview

Cultivate Elevate on Jun 5th 2023

Discovering Electroculture, Akashic Readings, Crop circles, Sound Frequencies, Dynamos, Viktor Schauburger, and the altered timelines we have been sold

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2:00 How did you get Into electroculture?

7:18 How copper tools and the copper revolution stopped overnight

9:15 Food shortages of 2021-2022

11:45 Results from Electroculture

13:00 Electroculture with Animals, Eggs, and Wool

16:00 Replicating Cathedrals

20:00 Bird sounds and plant growth - Dorothy retallack sound of music and plants

25:30 Wilhelm Reich and cloudbusters

32:00 From Dark to Light

35:00 1800s and 1900 fires with fireproof buildings?

41:30 All cities had a great fire at the same time?

45:00 Ways of elevating your health and terrain

49:00 Using the gut instinct

52:00 Synthetic Supplements Versus Food

53:00 Dragons blood benefits

54:00 Pearl powder benefits