Tremella Mushroom : The Ultimate Skin Tonic

Cultivate Elevate on Nov 25th 2020

Tremella Mushroom (Snow Fungus)Tremella mushroom was used in ancient times to produce a royal "glow".  Tremella has been a popular staple of Chinese cuisine for centuries due to its richne … read more

Which oil is the healthiest to cook with?

Cultivate Elevate on Nov 18th 2020

The 3 Best Oils for cooking:When it comes to cooking oil, we should look for Organic and Non-GmoCoconut Oil assists in weight loss, the brain, and benefits cholesterol.  The smoke point of v … read more

5 minute Lions Mane coffee recipe

Cultivate Elevate on Nov 9th 2020

Want to try a new recipe to spice to up your coffee and boost the brain? Try our 5 minute lions mane mushroom coffee recipe:Recipe as follows. ⬇-grab a glass and start by adding 4 ice cubes- … read more

Maitake Mushrooms and Their Benefits

Cultivate Elevate on Oct 22nd 2020

Maitake Mushroom Benefits:Maitake mushrooms (Grifola Frondosa) are found in China, Japan, and parts of North America. Colloquially, they are also called ‘hen of the woods,’ ‘sheep’s head,’ or ‘da … read more