Fruiting Bodies Vs Mycelium Mushroom Products

Cultivate Elevate on Sep 3rd 2020

Fruiting body vs myceliumThese two words are used to describe different parts of the mushroom. Mycelium are the roots of the mushroom combined with rice, oats, and or whatever it is grown on. Theref … read more

What are the benefits of taking Cordyceps?

Cultivate Elevate on Jul 18th 2020

What are the benefits of taking Cordyceps? Stamina, Endurance, Reduction of fatigue, and much more!Cordyceps can benefit the body in many waysSupports oxygen uptake and lung function &n … read more

What are the benefits of 6mix?

Cultivate Elevate on Jun 10th 2020

What are the benefits of adding 6 mix into your daily regimen? Chaga - Cordyceps - Lions Mane - Reishi - Maitake - TremellaOur 6mix mushroom blend is one of the best superfoods for the body. Each … read more

Science based benefits of lions mane mushroom

Cultivate Elevate on Jun 3rd 2020

Benefits of lion's mane mushroom Nuerotrophic Properties:In a study in 2013 out of Malaysia a group of scientists studied about Neurotrophic factors and how the lions mane mushroom could benefit NGF* … read more